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Centralia in Florida

This August Superbolt has had the pleasure of witnessing our very own ‘CENTRALIA’ being staged by one of Florida’s most daring and original companies; Mad Cat Theatre. We’ve heard some amazing things about their staging and with many sold out performances, we’re delighted that Miami audiences were getting such an impressive version of our play. Below are some reviews and pictures of their shows which we hope you’ll enjoy. If you’d like to find out more about Mad Cat and their shows, please visit their website:


  Centralia is a certified and certifiable hoot that should make you laugh and think.

Bill Hirschman / Florida Theatre On Stage


Imaginative, goofy and poignant, Centralia is one of the highlights of South Florida’s summer theatre season

Mary Damiano / SFGN

The show’s little travelling band weaves together anecdotes, dramatic re-enactments, musical numbers and interpretive dance to convey a sad story with heart and humor. Centralia is surprisingly funny, sometimes hilarious. Who would think to put a lip-synching group dance to Cher’s Believe into a show about a fire that wiped out a town? Superbolt and now Mad Cat.

Christine Dolen / Miami Herald

Superbolt Theatre Tour 2013/14

Camden People's Theatre - London - UK

8 – 13 Apr | Centralia & The Uncanny Valley | Camden People’s Theatre 2014 | More info

Vault Festival - London - UK

4 – 15 Feb | Centralia & The Uncanny Valley | Vault Festival 2014 | More info

Warsaw - Poland

27 – 31 Jan | The Uncanny Valley | The English Theater Company of Poland | More Info

Oslo - Norway

02 – 06 Dec | The Uncanny Valley | Showbox Festival | More Info

Finmark - Norway

24 – 29 Nov | Centralia | Market for Stagecraft

Brighton - UK

13 – 16 Nov | The Uncanny Valley | Upstairs at Three and Ten | 8pm | Book Tickets

Award Nominations

Our brand new show fresh from Edinburgh The Uncanny Valley has been nominated for two awards by Darkchat!

BEST PLAY: The Uncanny Valley


Thank you Darkchat and now it’s fingers crossed…

The Uncanny Valley

Superbolt Theatre's brand new show The Uncanny Valley uses powerful movement and absurd humour to tell the truly electric love story of a man and a robot. Step into a canyon where everything is possible and reality will surpass your greatest dreams.
Touring 2013/14


In the 1960’s an underground coal fire was sparked by an accident. 20 years later the fire was still burning and the inhabitants of Centralia were forced to relocate. 3 people refused to leave. Inspired by this true story, Centralia sees the 3 remaining inhabitants travel the world to tell their story.
Touring 2013/14

Piatto Finale

Three unlikely heroes take it upon themselves to find a legendary piece of music, rumoured to be the perfect composition and unheard by human ears. Where will their adventure take them? Why are performers being murdered? And just what is Piatto Finale anyway?


  The physicality of all three actors is truly impressive, a simple raised eyebrow conveys more than you see in whole monologues in some fringe shows and an energetic ‘PlayStation 25′ fight sequence is mesmerising. So endearing that it is near-on impossible not to fall in love with.

Lauren Paxman / The Stage

It is a funny, heart-warming and intriguing show, one that is so perfectly formed it leaves the audience in awe. If you see one piece of theatre at the Fringe this year, choose The Uncanny Valley.

Alice Taylor / Three Weeks

Their acting was fluid and faultless, their physical movements executed with absolute precision and skill. As far as physical theatre is concerned, these guys were exemplary. A highly entertaining, weird and wonderful piece of physical theatre that is absolutely worth the ticket and time.

Beth Cochrane / Broadway Baby