Superbolt Theatre developed out of the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School, where we all trained in Paris.

We are an international ensemble based in the UK and Norway who make work for people of any age from any background (inter-generational, multicultural). Our Nationalities include Norwegian, Swiss, Ecuadorian and British.

Our work tours internationally to venues and festivals, both small and large scale. As an ensemble we devise all of our theatre collaboratively, often through improvisation and drawing upon true sources.

We write, act and direct together as we think the shows are better for it.

Our latest show The Uncanny Valley is currently on tour accompanied by our other sell out show Centralia. Both shows went down a storm at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, welcomed by lovely audiences and receiving 5 star reviews.

While on tour (we hope to see you) we are developing our next production which we think might have a family friendly, cheeky children, silly serious edge. Whatever that means. So our minds are jam packed with friendly giants, scary ghosts, and magical mystical adventures that we think might just be a little bit heartwarming. We’ll keep you up to date on how we get on in our blog.

Centralia Superbolt Theatre


Maria Askew

Is a London-based actor and director who trained at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School after acquiring a BA Honours (1st) in Theatre and Performance Studies from University of Warwick. She is British Ecuadorian.

Credits include Julie in ‘That I should Rise’, BBC Radio 3 drama, Princess Theonoe in ‘Helen of Troy’ directed by Phil Wilmott at the Scoop open-Air Amphitheatre in London Bridge, and Bianca in ‘The Gospel of Othello’ in association with the RSC and Tribal Soul.

Frode Gjerløw

Made his theatrical debut was at The Norwegian Theatre in Oslo in 2001. Since then he has played a large variety of roles professionally and non-professionally, in both television and theatre. Among them are Vladimir in ‘Waiting for Godot’, The Scarlett Pimpernell in ‘The Scarlett Pimpernell’and Father Ubu in ‘Ubu the King’.After finishing the second year of Lecoq in 2011, he moved to London to work as an actor and director.

Simon Maeder

Is a Swiss/British national who attended the Lecoq School after three years at the University of York. During his time there he was involved in three shows at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and helped to launch the company ‘Belt Up’ by co-directing their two first productions; ‘Trainspotting’and ‘Metamorphosis’, the latter of which went on to win several awards at the NSDF in 2008.

Andreas Medbøe Thoresen

Is a Norwegian actor who trained at the Lecoq School for two years. He also has a bachelor in Drama and Theatre. Before he went to Lecoq, Andreas worked as a freelance actor and did work with theatre companies like ‘TeaterTruppen’ and ‘Kompani Linge’. He has also worked in the US with the acclaimed theatre director Robert Wilson on several occasions and in 2006 he played Hades in Robert Wilson’s stage version of ‘Persephone’.