Assembly Festival launched their beautiful new website and brochure recently, we can’t wait to give it a gander.

Yep it’s a beauty that’s for sure, #myassembly 😉

There are an awesome display of shows across all the venues this year and here is what we are particularly excited about!

Maria’s Shows To See…

Moonlight After Midnight
We caught this piece of theatre at the Adelaide Fringe and there were tears all around. An exquisite romance mystery set in hotel, with surreal twists and turns. Gripping, beautifully crafted writing and performed by two excellent performers. It warms your heart and makes you fall in love. And a fellow Assembly show. Go!
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Butt Kapinski
Butt Kapinski is an interactive, awesome, badass, hilarious film-noir style one person show like no other. Prepare to get involved, laugh your head off and have some assumptions investigated in a clever, entertaining way by an absolute boss. Butt really knows how to work that room. Pwease don’t miss it!
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Juan Vesuvius: I am Your Deejay
I was lucky enough to see his previous show Juan Two: Calypso Nights TWICE and let me just say if you get the chance to see Juan, the make sure you see Juan, the clowning DJ from Venezuela. As skilful as he is funny, his work has layers and I can’t wait to see his latest masterpiece!
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Trygve Wakenshaw & Barnie Duncan: Different Party
A brand new show by two old hands, on right after us in Assembly Roxy . So why not come see us then stay and see them?! 😀 Not too sure what this one is about, so expect anything and everything! They are extremely witty, talented, physical and crazy, so I can’t wait to soak this up!
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Ina’s Shows to See…

Translunar Paradise
Blew me away when I saw it in Edinburgh a few years ago. It’s an amazingly beautiful piece you will need to see if you haven’t yet, or see it again, I know I will!
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Two Man Show
YES they are back. Had the luxury to see the show last year at the fringe and it is brilliant, funny and clever. Go and see. Do it. It’s got music and dance in it too.
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201 Dance company is back with their new show. Wohoo! I am a big fan of their show Smother so can’t wait to see this! I am pretty sure it’ll be awesome.
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All Genius All Idiot
Was recommended this show last year from a fellow swede and friend, could not make it… they say it’s really cool and crazy so I am all in and can’t wait to see it this year! Contemporary circus blended in with theatre plus some live music with that.. say what? Yes please.
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Simon’s Shows to see…

Abandoman’s Rob Broderick – The Musical in My Mind
The first time I saw Abandoman perform I was blown away. His skills in improvisation and hiphop left me in awe and I couldn’t wait to start practising how to do what he did. I’m very excited about the set-up of his new show and if you love hiphop, you should be too.
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A Common Man: The Bridge That Tom Built
A superbly acted one-man show about Thomas Paine. I saw it at the Fringe in 2015 and am very happy that it’s coming back. The Stage called it ‘inspirational’ and I could not agree more. For anyone interested in that period in history it is as informative as it is entertaining. There’s no rap, but that might be a good thing.
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Brought to you by the very talented Lucy Farrett, Ladyface is a psychedelic non-stop tour of hilarious character comedy. I saw this show at Vault Festival and cannot wait to see it again at the Fringe.
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Seven Crazy Bitches
Another show praised at this year’s Vault Festival. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it but whenever it was mentioned it was because good things were being said. Described as a ‘raucous feminist comedy’ (FringeGuru) I see this as being the perfect show for anyone looking for a good laugh and a whole lot of talent, so basically what the Fringe is all about.
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Frode’s Shows To See…

CATHY – Cardboard Citizens
Cardboard Citizens might just be what theatre is all about – Actually engaging the audience in real conversation about who we are and what we do can do as a community. With their “Legislative Theatre” audiences get to discuss the show after the performance, and if it’s anything like what I’ve seen by cardboard citizens before, it’ll be a powerful experience.
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The most hilarious show I saw in Edinburgh 2015, these guys had me in stitches. It’s stupid and smart and very very sweaty. Police cops marries cliche with invention, and a super solid universe is now taken into the universe. I can’t wait.
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TWO MAN SHOW – Rash Dash Theatre
I’m very excited to see TWO MAN SHOW with Rash Dash Theatre. Two female performers that have left a lasting impact whenever I’ve seen them. They’re gonna deal with Patriarchy and Man in a show where they play women playing men. Their music and their presence is just so great.
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REUBEN KAYE – Reuben Kaye
The self-crowned monarch of London’s underground cabaret scene, Reuben Kaye is a foul-mouthed dirty mind, male drag immaculately dressed, so despicable and pedantic I hate that I love him. or I love that I hate him. It’s Over-your-head references, below-the-belt-insults and old school cabaret ballads with absolutele conviction. It’s Patsy Stone meets Liberace, leaving you shaken AND stirred.
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Tid’s Shows to See…


The Dreamer – Gecko Theatre
Always look forward to seeing a Gecko show. This will be particularly interesting as it’s a collaboration with the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre. Inspired by a a classic too, I’m a big fan of The Tempest after playing Caliban and Prospero a few times, from their facebook feed is looks like another stunner.
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Education, Education, Education – The Wardrobe Ensemble
I loved their last show in Edinburgh (1972: The Future of Sex) and everyone who saw a preview of their new show in Bristol raved about it. They are really making some of the best ensemble theatre out there at the moment and I think this might be something very special.
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SCRIBBLE – Andy Edwards and Amy Gilmartin
I’ve done a lot of work and research on mental health over the past 9 months or so for the show Mental by Kane Power Theatre, and a show that looks really interesting to me, especially after reading their blog posts is Scribble. In one of their blogs they make a point about it not only being good to talk about mental health, but also good to listen, so I’m looking forward to listening intently when I get the chance.
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WOW, well that is enough to be getting on with, Hannah’s recommendations will be added shortly. #HappyFringe everyone, hope you all have the time of your lives!

Exciting News!!! We have launched our Kickstarter Campaign to get us to Edinburgh, watch our fun little video here we had a fabulous time making it, we really hope you enjoy it!