As the fringe is fast approaching we thought we’d share our thoughts on what to look out for in August. We’ve included some handy links so you can read a little more about each show. We’re booking our tickets now.


Pajama Men: 2 Men 3 Muskateers. Very excited about their new show. I saw them for the first time in London 3 years ago and found myself having to genuinely consider leaving the theatre because I couldn’t breathe from laughter. I love their style, their humour and the simple/complex nature of their shows.

The Encounter by Complicte | Simon McBurney. This is part of the Edinburgh International Festival and is Simon McBurney’s one man show inspired by the book Amazon Beaming by Petru Popescu using a sophisticated sound installation. I’ve loved his work ever since I saw ‘An Elephant Vanishes’ almost 10 years ago. Very excited about the theme and the ideas behind this piece.

Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking by Tangram Theatre. I’ve heard good things and I love theatre about science!

Some People Talk About Violence by Barrel Organ. I don’t know much about this company but their name seems to pop up everywhere. Keen to see what they’re all about.

An Oak Tree by Tim Crouch. Possibly the best piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. Two hander about a hypnotist. One actor changes every night and only learns about the show 10 minutes before they go on stage. Powerful, weird, incredible.

Of course we always like to support our Jacques Lecoq fellows, and 64 Squares by Rhum and Clay I’ve heard really good things about. Plus I’m genuinely excited about Feast by Clout.


I can’t wait to see physical theatre company Gecko perform their latest show Institute, described as a moving exploration of what it means to care – It looks beautiful!

I first saw stand up comedian Trevor Noah perform in London at the beginning of last year. His brave and on the money comedic break down of racial stereotypes is hilarious and touching, so be sure to catch his new show Lost in Translation. It’s great to be sharing a venue with him too.

Earlier this year I was sharing a dressing room at Vault Festival with the guys performing in Liberation, and after every show they’d burst in, naked, covered in paint and full of life, and I was like I gotta see this show!

I am also really looking forward to seeing So It Goes, created by Hannah Moss and fellow Lecoqian David Ralfe, which deals with Hannah’s real experience of grief over the loss of her father.

For a physical retelling of great Greek myths performed with hilarity, skill and insane amounts of energy, check out Unmythable! I saw it 3 years ago and had a brilliant time!


I’m looking forward to seeing…


Electric Dreams by Dumbshow – a great company who are doing great things.

Wail by Little Bulb Theatre – have seen a couple of their shows and they always make you feel good and leave you with a spring in your step.

Current Location by Fellswoop – another group of Warwick graduates who are making a name for themselves.


Le Gateau Chocolat: Black – with an incredible voice Le Gateau Chocolat always puts on a captivating show.


Close Up by Circa – they have a great track record with their death-defying performances and I can’t wait to see what this new show brings.

And that’s your lot for our first #EdFringe #ShowstoSee. Frode, Tid and Ina, will offer their tips in the next post. Looks like a cracking fringe this year.