“a masterclass in storytelling and characterisation”

The Jurassic Parks

Welcome to the unlikely setting of Lyme Regis Community Centre, where the Park Family – Terry, Jade and Noah – embark on a journey to a misty past. Where, when things go wrong, family feuds are faced with the rapturous roar of DIY dinosaurs. This laugh-out-loud spin on Spielberg’s classic is a theatrical celebration of cinematic nostalgia and a moving reminder of the ones we love.

Enter a lost world of prehistoric proportions, where the past and present entwine like a strand of DNA. Dare to visit an ancient island driven by dollars and dinosaurs. But what really happened off the west coast of Costa Rica in 1989? There have been numerous stories, countless rumours, a few films and couple of books… But now Superbolt have excavated the truth!

An epic adventure of show-stopping, spine-tingling theatrics and megalithic mayhem.

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Creators & Performers.
Maria Askew, Frode Gjerløw, Simon Maeder

Director & co-writer.
Iain Tidbury

Stage & Lights.
Ina Berggren

Hannah Osborne
(Edinburgh 2015 & 17)
with original costume and design contributions from Ellie Wilding

This irreverent but fondly referential exegesis of Spielberg’s Jurassic Park, performed by a trio of superlative clowners, is a laugh-out-loud hoot. — Critics’ Choice | The Sunday Times

“Superbolt Theatre provide evidence that you can do something hilarious, new, fun and challenging in an adaptation of a popular culture sensation.” ★★★★★ M Johnson | Broadway Baby

“A master-class in storytelling and characterisation” ★★★★★ Lauren Jenkins | Remotegoat

“masterful production” ★★★★★ Darkchat

“Very funny … powerfully touching too” ★★★★ Honour Bayes | The Stage (Vault Festival 2015)

“Genuinely inventive, funny and fresh” ★★★★ Kate Mounce | Plays to See

“Jurassic Classic! Use fang and claw to get yourself a ticket.” ★★★★★ Stuart Black | Londonist

“Undeniably, Jurassic Park is a definite must see” ★★★★½ RATHE | Theatre Full Stop

“Will make you chuckle your human-hide off. A brilliantly nutty and nostalgic affair” ★★★★ Miriam Gillinson | Time Out

“Pure theatrical magic” ★★★★ Doug Mayo | British Theatre

“Superbolt Theatre deliver [a] rip-roaring DIY spectacle” ★★★★ Elliot Roberts | The List

“A show with so much heart mine nearly burst – outstanding” ★★★★½ Steve Griffin | Edinburgh 49

“brilliant physical comedians…a brilliantly written script…a truly enjoyable evening any fan of the film will love” ★★★★ Ben Hewis | WhatsOnStage

“Superbolt Theatre have created something funny, dynamic, and truly unique and I highly recommend grabbing a ticket while you can!” ★★★★ Elicea Devonshire | West End Wilma

“Clever girls-and boys” ★★★★ Matt Trueman | Fest

“an immensely crowd-pleasing show, that goes beyond the call of duty to create something more heartfelt and profound than just a bash around Isla Nublar” ★★★★ Stewart Pringle | The Stage (Edinburgh Fringe 2015)

“An admirable show that properly engages … this is smart theatre” ★★★★ London City Nights