“Intelligent theatre in a hilarious guise”

Piatto Finale

In the depths of Moscow stands an old opera house, desperately clinging to its former days of glory. The artists have become part of the furniture, the performances, stale like old cheese. Curious how a little death can inject life into a place.

Three unlikely heroes take it upon themselves to find a legendary piece of music, rumoured to be the perfect composition and unheard by human ears. Where will their adventure take them? Why are performers being murdered? And just what is Piatto Finale anyway?

Founded at the Jacques Lecoq Theatre School in Paris, international company Superbolt Theatre present ‘Piatto Finale’. Three actors take on countless roles in a whirlwind of comedy, crime and class.

Fringe Guru


Creators & Performers.
Maria Askew, Frode Gjerløw, Simon Maeder

“Racing across continents, the show is fast-paced and easy to enjoy. Using music, mime and puppetry to create a good sprinkling of laugh-out-loud moments, Piatto Finale is an entertaining adventure that’s as smart as it is silly” Fringe Guru

“It’s an hour or so of carefully managed, unbridled fun” Fringe Review

“Intelligent theatre in a hilarious guise” Remotegoat

“Brilliant slapstick … wonderful comic performances … belly-laugh hilarity … and one of the most brave endings I’ve seen in a comedy for a while.” Broadway Baby