Dear Fringe review,

We have arrived safely in Edinburgh. Can’t wait till you get here! Leaving London went smoothly, escalators bearing much of the burden of overstuffed suitcases. The train journey went without hiccup, and we found entertainment during the intermittent access to the internet. We discovered #WomenInTheatre week and your good selves amid the #EdFringe excitement. And we spared a thought for the other members of our company stuck somewhere in the mass of vehicles cramming their way out of London on the M1. We hope they get to us safely with our truck-full-of-show, and that Frode has finally learnt his lines. Ina is such a hero for driving the whole way.

As the hours passed Maria went over her lines as Jade Park, Simon doodled dinosaurs, and I caught up with emails from Hannah, as she chased us a few trains behind.


We left London in sun and arrived in Edinburgh to rain.



But the rain was invigorating accompanied by Edinburgh’s distinctive scent, it filled the nostrils like a warm cup of bovril. We walked in the wind and the rain, Simon the only one heeding Gecko‚Äôs advice and carrying a waterproof at all times,

I on the other hand was wearing swimming shorts, surprisingly suitable attire, while Maria trudged along in her woollen poncho.
As we approached montague street, our accommodation for the month, the sun came out and we were warmed, and once again Edinburgh was bathed in a light full of potential.

See you soon Fringe Review, and all the best for your time in Edinburgh.

Tid at Superbolt Theatre