Last Tuesday we held a joyful fundraiser evening watching Spielberg’s Jurassic Park followed by an art auction hosted by the Park family- aka Jade, Noah and Terry! An EPIC thank-you to everyone who came and laughed, got scared and bid for our Jurassic Art! And many thanks to the Camden People’s Theatre for hosting us. We raised £426 that evening, which has gone straight into our Edinburgh pot, and makes a big difference to the success of our show this Fringe.

If you were not able to come along and you’d like donate, our donation page is still live and we really appreciate your support! If you have any requests for dino-art in exchange for your donation then do drop us an email! 🙂


Muchasaurus by Frode Gjerløw

Prosecco was passed around, the popcorn machine worked its sweet & salty magic, the dinosaur cookies were impossibly moreish (thank you Chloe Mashiter for baking such a yummy batch!) and Spielberg’s masterpiece created audible tension on the big screen. Jeff Goldblum was also a massive hit that night, (don’t forget “life uh finds a way!”) We were reminded why the film is such a great one for bringing people together!

Raptors by Maria Askew

We were particularly touched by the warm response to our first ever, slightly haphazard, Superbolt Auction!
People were so generous, enthusiastic and even, dare we say, competitive, fighting each other for their favourite Jurassic piece (our highest bid was £60 for pen and ink work “Evolving”!).

All in all a terrific night was had and we were so happy to spend an evening with such a lovely crowd celebrating Spielberg’s film and auctioning our prehistoric creations!

Maria, Frode, Simon


To support Superbolt’s Jurassic Park click here (and if you’d like some dino-art just email us with your request)


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