Morning Ed Fringe goers. We published our first Ed Fringe Shows to See on July 1st. Now we’re in August, a few days before the festival officially opens, we thought it a good time to give you the second installment.

So here is our second list of shows we think you should see, this time from Tid, Frode, and Ina.

I’m very much looking forward to:

Hug by Verity Standen
It’s appearing as part of the brilliant Forest Fringe offering. I’ve heard beautiful things about this show from trusted friends. I’m told it’s an experience not to be missed. Each audience member is blindfolded and hugged by a singer. Participants experience the performance through sound, breath and vibrations of the body as the choir of voices deliver the song.

Flood Plans by Jo Hellier and Yas Clarke
After seeing/experiencing Jo Hellier’s moving 97 years, I’m really looking forward to her most recent collaboration with Yas Clarke. Flood Plans attempts to reconcile the uncomfortable position of being human in the midst of human-caused climate change. Presented as part of the brilliant BUZZCUT enterprise this looks to be a provocative addition to the Forest Fringe line up.

Run by Engineer Theatre Collective
I first saw Engineer’s work in 2013, the show was MISSING and it was a cracker, they are all exceptional actors. Their new piece RUN is inspired by the true story of Moritz Erhardt, a 21 year old financial intern who died at his London flat after reportedly working 72 hours straight. The show confronts the rapacious relationship with money the financial sector is well known for but interestingly it does so from the perspective of four young investment banker interns.

1972: The Future of Sex by The Wardrobe Ensemble.
The Wardrobe Ensemble look to have a promising new show. It focuses on a heady mix of sexual awakening and the 1970’s. Haven’t seen this one yet but I know their work well and it went down a storm at Shoreditch Town Hall, so this promises to be as entertaining as their previous Edinburgh hit RIOT.

My favorite show of Ed Fringe 2013 was Next Door by Out of Balanz, that show is still touring out there, so check it out, but the two excellent performers from that show are in two other works this Edinburgh. Troels Hagen Findsen, is in Unmythable which Maria recommended, and Marc Gassot has created Dark Side of the Mime which looks like a hilarious and entertainly offensive late night outing.

The British Council Showcase is a strong one this year, as is Forest Fringe, and I’ll also be checking out the options at The Free Fringe.


I can’t wait to see:

Laughing Stock, seems wonderfully silly and mad so I’ll be up for that on a rainy afternoon! Or a sunny one.

I am Beast by Sparkle and Dark. I loved their last show Killing Roger and can’t wait to see what their next one is like! They are excellent performers and lovely human beings so I am sure I won’t be disappointed.

Cell by Smoking Apples. I’ve come across the company in London before and got the chance to work with them a bit for this one. They’ve got some proper high quality puppetry going on tackling an important subject in a beautiful way.

Smother by 201 Dance Company. Contemporary hip-hop show about the relationship between two young guys. I’ve heard tops comes off. And the only set piece is a mattress and a fair amount of chalk powder. Surely we can’t miss out on this one?!

…I am very excited about The Misfit Analysis with Cian Binchy being up at the fringe. A hilarious, mad and heartwarming show. GO SEE.


Hotel Paradiso by Familie Flöz looks really intriguing. I’ve wanted to see this company for a long time!

Sing For Your Life by Charlie Tuesday-Gates! Taxidermy musical? yes please!

Lie Detector by Yve Blake. Blake is a fresh and crazy talented writer and I can’t wait to see her show.

And that brings us up to date with our #EdFringe #ShowsToSee, keep an eye on our twitter and facebook for info on the shows we’ve seen as the festival progresses.