“Wonderfully silly and wildly engaging, a theatrical feast.”


In the 1960’s an underground coal fire was sparked by an accident. 20 years later the fire was still burning and the inhabitants of Centralia in Pennsylvania USA were forced to relocate. 3 people refused to leave.

Inspired by true events, Centralia tells the story of Jennyfer, Norman and Allister, three enthusiastic, friendly Americans who travel far from home in order to tell the world their story.

Using a mixture of comedy, cabaret, dance, music and monologues, Centralia explores how a unique disaster formed extraordinary friendships.

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Creators & Performers.
Maria Askew, Frode Gjerløw, Simon Maeder
Early iteration created and performed with Andreas Medbøe Thoresen

Outside Eye (2013-2017).
Iain Tidbury

Stage & Lights.
Ina Bergrenn

Stunning and completely bewildering at points, Centralia is a completely wondrous analysis of what happens to a community when most of the inhabitants move away. — Amy Taylor | Festival Journal

Daringly original and superbly well balanced. Deeply inventive and deftly performed, Centralia is a captivating piece of comic theatre. — Stuart Anderson | Ed Fest Mag

Brilliantly creative Lecoq theatre with physical comedy … low-budget, high-quality theatre with deliciously hilarious performances — Maria Tecce | Fringe Review

It’s a show about home and heart. Go see it. — Bristol Theatre Review

It’s a barrel of laughs … great musical moments and great farcical elements. A gem of awkwardness and well-meaning mummery. — Graeme Strachan | The British Theatre Guide

Quirky, unique and completely surreal — Festval Journal

Wonderfully silly and wildly engaging, a theatrical feast. — Remotegoat